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    You cannot bill ‘extra help’ under lt rules.
    One of your full-time physicians goes on vacation – or sabbatical or maternity leave. Your practice employs a locum tenens (lt) to fill in for the missing physician. No problem, until you try to bill for the substitute physician’s services with Medicare – or payers who   Read more..
    Posted on 16 Dec, 2015
    Put Locum Tenens Physicians On 60-Day Clock
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    Remember, this exam is a one-time benefit for patients.
    Reporting your patients’ “Welcome to Medicare” initial preventive physical examinations (IPPE) seems straightforward enough. There are a couple of coding concerns you should keep in mind when reporting these services, however. Do this: Make sure your “Welcome …” claims are embraced every time you file them   Read more..
    Posted on 18 Sep, 2015
    Check Date Before Taking On ‘Welcome to Medicare’ Claims

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