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  1. New Medicare Card: Video for Your Waiting Room

In April 2018, CMS will begin mailing new Medicare cards with new numbers—and they’re helping you inform your Medicare patients with the New Medicare Cards are coming! video.

Play this one video, available from YouTube, in your waiting room. As patients wait for their appointment, they can learn when to expect to receive their new cards.

The video is available in opened caption and 1080p formats.

Visit the Provider webpage for the latest information on the new Medicare card.


  1. Patients over Paperwork Newsletter

Get the recent edition of the Patients over Paperwork newsletter, published in February, which explores the new Meaningful Measures Initiative, as well as the latest documentation review improvements:

  • Supplier use of bar codes to track Certificates of Medical Necessity
  • Teaching physician verification of student medical record documentation
  • Physician delegation of documentation requirements
  • Skilled nursing facility: Streamlined process for Advanced Beneficiary Notice

Visit the Simplifying Documentation Requirements webpage for previous updates and find out how to submit an idea.

Inside February’s Patients over Paperwork, CMS unravels the Meaningful Measures framework:

CMS worked with stakeholders to identify the most impactful Meaningful Measures areas so they can focus on the highest priority areas for quality measurement and improvement. Based upon widespread input from patients, clinicians, and many others, the framework will help CMS and all of stakeholders improve patient outcomes.

To learn more about Patients over Paperwork and view past editions of this newsletter.

  1. CMS Launches Public Reporting of CAHPS® Hospice Survey Results

CMS announces the initial publication of results from the CAHPS® Hospice Survey on Hospice Compare. Survey results are published for all Medicare-certified hospices that had at least 30 completed surveys during the eight quarters from Quarter 2, 2015 (April 1, 2015) through Quarter 1, 2017(March 31, 2017). In addition to the survey results, the Hospice Compare website provides a variety of other data about the quality of hospice care, including the Hospice Item Set.

CMS is currently working to make healthcare quality information transparent and understandable for consumers in an effort to help individuals make informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

Visit the Hospice Compare website for additional details about the Hospice CAHPS® survey.

  1. MIPS Claims Based Quality Measures Projections and Results Video

This video demonstrates a new Quality Payment Program website feature for the Merit-Based Incentive Program (MIPS). Learn how you can log in and view monthly calculations for your claims-based submissions—and more.

The demo walks you through a tour of the new feature hosted at qpp.cms.gov and covers everything from log in to log out:

  • Introduction of New Feature
  • Logging into qpp.cms.gov
  • Logging in with EIDM Credentials
  • Quality Measures Results Summary
  • Review Group Practice
  • Report Data for Clinicians as an Individual
  • Connected Clinicians
  • Viewing Claims Based Quality Measures
  • Your Score by Submission Methods
  • Calculating Measures Moving Forward
  • Claims Submission Details: 6 Highest Scored Measures
  • Benchmark Deciles and Performance Rate Submitted
  • Measure Score: Performance and Bonus Points
  • Submitting via Different Method
  • Highest Score at Final Scoring/Close of Submission Period
  • Logging Out

  1. Are You Prepared for a Healthcare Emergency?

HHS offers a comprehensive national knowledge center about emergency preparedness for healthcare, public health, and disaster clinical practitioners.

Sign up to receive monthly Express and quarterly Exchange newsletters from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Technical Resources, Assistance Center, and Information Exchange (TRACIE) that highlight new and trending emergency preparedness resources.

Don’t miss the most recent ASPR TRACIE Exchange, which focuses on evacuating healthcare facilities. Authors from the private sector, federal, regional, and local levels share lessons learned about their recent evacuation experiences, including the historic wildfires and hurricanes.

Get More Information:


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