ICD-11: The Next Generation Coding System is Coming!

Posted on 12 Apr, 2017 |comments_icon 0|By Jeff G Lawson

WHO projects a 2018 launch of ICD-11.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the ICD-10 waters, a new threat emerges – ICD-11!The World Health Organization (WHO) has slated 2018 to present the new ICD-11 code set.

Coming Soon—ICD-11!

True, we haven’t yet entered the second quarter of 2017, and you’ve hardly got your bearings after the myriad of ICD-10 codes changes that disrupted your workflow. Nonetheless, the World Health Organization (WHO), reports that ICD-11 is in the works.

WHO and its global Member States reached a major landmark towards finalization of the 11th Revision of the ICD. The Joint Task Force (JFT), which provides strategic and technical advice to WHO on ICD-11 development, suggested inputs based on scientific advice. The WHO team is working on a view of the classification with broad applications across multiple clinical settings.

It’s difficult to say how ICD-11 will compare to ICD-10, but the impetus of the revision is to establish a long term framework that accommodates updates while reducing the likelihood of another code system redraft (ICD-12) in the foreseeable future. The Revision Steering Group (RSG), a consultant authority that oversaw Phase I of ICD-11 development, has reviewed the content to ensure coverage of the complete spectrum of diseases and health conditions while simultaneously addressing the needs of global practitioners and medical coders who will be using the system.

ICD-11 Implementation in U.S.

While WHO expects to present ICD-11 in 2018, it’s unclear when the U.S. will move to ICD-11. The World Health Assembly adopted ICD-10 in 1990, and the U.S. only transitioned in 2015. In light of the U.S.’s strenuous regulatory process, optimism would suggest that we’ll be using ICD-10 beyond the launch of ICD-11.

In the meantime, WHO has invited healthcare and medical coding experts around the world to contribute to ICD-11.

Sit and watch or be part of creating the ICD-11 code database. You can start by accessing beta ICD-11 in the ICD-11 Browser.

  • Participate in quality assurance
  • Make propose improvements
  • Assist in translating
  • Comment on proposals submitted by others

Let’s work together to create something with a long shelf life.

To stay compliant now on ICD-10-CM—and to get vital resources on ICD-11 when it becomes the new standard in medical coding—visit The Coding Institute.

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