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    Knowledge of medical terms is even more vital with new Dx coding system.
    Everybody’s getting ready for the switch to ICD-10, and knowledge is power for practices making the transition. Check it out: The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and Elsevier Revenue Cycle eLearning have posted FAQs on the most pressing ICD-10 topics. Take these points to heart   Read more..
    Posted on 23 Sep, 2015
    Study Up on Roots, Syndromes for ICD-10 Startup Success
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    Info-packed site paves the way to ICD-10 success.
    ICD-10 is coming, and preparation is key for coders who want to hit the ground running when the diagnosis coding world completely changes in October. Luckily, CMS is doing its best to help with review tools, crosswalks and advice on how to stay ahead of the   Read more..
    Posted on 14 Sep, 2015
    Follow This CMS ‘Road’ to Prep For ICD-10

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