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    Clean up coding for anterior, middle, and posterior embolism before the new payment model hits. The countdown clock for the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is ticking, with Oct. 1, 2019, implementation not far away. Today’s post on cerebral embolism coding continues our blog series on important   Read more..
    Posted on 12 Jul, 2019
    SNF: Prep for PDPM With This Cerebral Embolism ICD-10-CM Primer
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    Join us for a dose of holiday-themed coding humor! Parades. Cookouts. Fireworks. And all-American summertime fun. What could be better than Independence Day? Well, how about a July 4-themed ICD-10-CM coding quiz? Don’t worry — it’s not serious, and you’ll be able to finish in plenty of   Read more..
    Posted on 3 Jul, 2019
    Can You Pass This July 4 Coding Quiz?
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    CMS has just released ICD-10-CM 2020, and there are both big and subtle changes you won’t want to miss spread out among the seven deleted codes, 328 new subcategories and codes, and 35 revised subcategories and codes. Here are eight important takeaways from the ICD-10-CM 2020   Read more..
    Posted on 2 Jul, 2019
    News Flash: Get Your First Glimpse of ICD-10-CM 2020
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    If you’re an inpatient hospital coder, you’ve got some good news coming your way. Beginning on Oct. 1, 2019, you’ll have 1,322 fewer ICD-10-PCS codes to deal with. That’s because the number of deleted procedure codes — 2,056 in all — far outnumber the 734   Read more..
    Posted on 25 Jun, 2019
    Get Ready for the 2020 ICD-10-PCS Deletions, Additions, Revisions, and Guideline Changes
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    Stop revenue loss with expert guidance to keep your otolaryngology claims in tiptop shape. If otolaryngology coding confusion has you concerned about reimbursement loss, this post is for you. Join Brett Rosenberg, MA, CPC, CCS-P, COC, editor-in-chief of TCI’s Otolaryngology Coding Alert, and Barbara J. Cobuzzi,   Read more..
    Posted on 21 Jun, 2019
    How to Solve 3 Otolaryngology Coding Scenarios
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    Gear up for PDPM and get atrial fibrillation vs. atrial flutter right every time. With an interest in knowing precisely why a resident ends up in a nursing facility, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will implement the patient-driven payment model (PDPM) in just   Read more..
    Posted on 18 Jun, 2019
    ICD-10 Training for Skilled Nursing Facilities: Acing Arrhythmia Reporting
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    Get your SNF coding team up to speed with this ICD-10 pneumonia reporting tutorial. With the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) coming down the pike, understanding ICD-10 coding will be crucial to gaining your facility’s hard-earned reimbursement. That’s why we’ve promised to help prep your team by   Read more..
    Posted on 14 May, 2019
    Pin Down Pneumonia Cause for Accurate ICD-10 Code Selection
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    Prep now for the pivotal role of ICD-10 coding in your SNF’s financial future with expert guidance to hone your diabetes reporting. With the implementation of the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) fast approaching, now’s the time to prioritize your ICD-10 training, as proper diagnostic coding will   Read more..
    Posted on 19 Apr, 2019
    5 Tips to Successfully Navigate Diabetes Coding
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    With the arrival of the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) and consequent replacement of RUG-IV, ICD-10 diagnosis coding has become a pivotal learning opportunity in the skilled nursing facility (SNF) realm of healthcare. Nurse assessment coordinators (NACs) are frequently acting as ICD-10 sleuths, figuring out how   Read more..
    Posted on 26 Mar, 2019
    4 Steps to Pressure-free ICD-10 Bed Sore Coding
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    If you’re tempted to stop at the point where the ICD-10 coding guidelines for Chapter 20 say “there is no national requirement for mandatory ICD‐10‐CM external cause code reporting” and think that there’s no need for you to document external causes of morbidity codes for   Read more..
    Posted on 14 Feb, 2019
    Got External Cause Coding Questions? We’ve Got Answers

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