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Posted on 31 Jul, 2018 |comments_icon 0|By Elizabeth Debeasi

If you teach medical coding, you know that keeping students motivated and interested is an ongoing challenge, especially for billing or medical assisting students who don’t choose coding as a career but must learn coding as part of their future jobs. Add the complexity of the ICD-10-CM code set to your curriculum, and you had better be on your toes to keep students engaged. Unfortunately, you often have to create your own class exercises and activities because your textbook or instructor’s resources fall short on quality practice exercises, or the activities simply aren’t much fun or interesting.

TCI is here to help you save time and keep coding students involved with a free, groundbreaking teaching tool exclusively for coding students: The Coding Scoop student newsletter. TCI, best-selling coding books’ publisher, unveiled a sample of The Coding Scoop at this year’s AHIMA Assembly on Education Symposium in Indianapolis, IN to show instructors how they can use the newsletter in their coding classes to keep students engaged with unique and creative features. TCI’s expert coding instructors created The Coding Scoop to help students learn about medical coding and the healthcare industry in fun and interesting ways and to help instructors save valuable time by giving them a unique teaching resource to supplement class exercises and assignments. The Coding Scoop format compares to top-selling magazines, colorful and easy to read, follow, and understand. Students can choose the articles they want to explore first because the format allows for quick navigation across articles without having to read the entire newsletter from start to finish.

Why Not Make Coding Class Fun and Creative with a Winning Free Resource?

Designed for beginning coding students, The Coding Scoop contains short articles with chunked information using bulleted lists, pictures, tables, and figures, avoiding long paragraphs and boring text frequently found in many coding textbooks. The writing is easy to read and understand because it speaks directly to the student, just like an instructor. The Coding Scoop makes learning fun and challenging, and quick, five-minute quizzes help students test their knowledge immediately after reading about a new topic. TCI also interspersed several “Interesting Facts” throughout the newsletter to break up content and provide students with unique information to review and discuss in small groups or with the entire class. The “Pointers from the Pros” feature gives students real-world advice about working in healthcare and can also spark further discussion and research.

Get to Know How The Coding Scoop Will Save You Precious Time

The Coding Scoop is packed with 40+ pages of healthcare and coding articles and activities for students, including how to stay on top of yearly coding updates, common healthcare terms and definitions, critical steps for ensuring medical necessity, medical coding job requirements, coding salaries nationwide and by state, real-world advice to succeed in the healthcare field, plus a whole lot more. The Coding Scoop gives instructors content to use for assigning exercises and activities during class or as homework. Instructors can pick specific articles to use as case studies, for group discussions, or as research assignments. The Coding Scoop will also keep students busy after they complete in-class exercises, tests, or quizzes, without the instructor having to find or create additional practice work instead. Instructors can also use The Coding Scoop content for supplementing existing curriculum, assigning study papers, or for additional practice during externships.

Still Undecided? No Risk – Grab Your Free Sample of The Coding Scoop Today

Even better, The Coding Scoop is only available at TCI – the first publisher to offer The Coding Scoop free electronic student newsletter with each purchase of ICD-10-CM 2019 for Physicians and Hospitals. Grab this free bonus newsletter for your students today! Contact us at 800-508-2582 or at to learn more and get a free sample copy of The Coding Scoop to see the numerous ways it will help your students understand coding and save you valuable class prep time. Be sure to ask us about special volume discount pricing for ICD-10-CM 2019 for Physicians and Hospitals for your coding class. Happy coding!


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