Spot & Correct These 7 Deadly Employee Behaviors

Posted on 25 Sep, 2017 |comments_icon 0|By Elizabeth

No matter how carefully you hire, you’ll probably end up with some difficult personalities in your practice. During her presentation at AAO2015, Andrea V. Gray, MD pointed out The Seven Deadly Employee Behaviors, along with ways to make them work for you:

The Downer: This is the classic negative employee; they will always find the downside to everything. They also like to see themselves as a perpetual victim. This personality problem is very noticeable to patients.

  • Use their powers for good: Downers are usually good at identifying potential trouble spots. They can anticipate issues with new initiatives and create an action plan to prepare.

The Dangerous Duo: For these workplace pairs, teamwork and loyalty only apply to each other. They gossip, leave others out, and play by their own rules.

  • The ties that bind: These employees have a knack for forming close personal connections, so consider giving them a mentoring role (just be sure to monitor them).

The Primadonna: This skilled employee thinks she is irreplaceable and above discipline. She can be critical and bossy, ignores management, and does the job her own way.

  • Plum assignment: Take advantage of her need for independence by giving her a big project with considerable freedom and authority (but make sure to supervise her).

The Draminator: This employee makes everything a crisis, even if it means creating that crisis. They overreact to even the smallest problem.

  • Center of attention: Capitalize on this self-dramatizing behavior by assigning them responsibility for getting good PR for your next big office change.

The Excuse Artist: This employee is always ready with a reason why it’s everyone else’s fault but theirs. They sow resentment among other staff members.

  • Reframe the painting: He’s creative enough to shift the blame— he just needs to learn how to put his creativity toward a better use. Give him a task that demands innovation, and he’ll get more involved in every aspect of the job.

The Know It All: He always thinks he’s right – even if he’s totally wrong. His superiority complex makes him quick to reject others’ opinions and ideas without consideration.

  • Expert advice: This employee loves to be seen as an expert— so make him one. Send him to a conference or continuing education and have him teach the staff what he learned.

The Plodder: This employee is always dragging her feet on projects. Her constant procrastination makes her workload magically expand to fit the time. Worst of all, she’s contagious, slowing down productivity across the practice.

  • Slow and steady: The Plodder’s deliberate nature makes her a good fit for more detail-oriented tasks like updating your policy manual or the practice’s website.

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