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    CMS: Improper E/M coding on the uptick.
    Practices that bill Medicare incorrectly create newsworthy events. If you don’t want to see your practice on the front page for the wrong reasons, you’ll need to check your E/M coding conventions to be sure you aren’t miscoding E/M services. The lowdown: The 2014 Medicare Fee-for-Service   Read more..
    Posted on 26 Sep, 2015
    Evaluate Your E/M Coding, Because Medicare Is On Alert
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    HHS watchdog to put EHRs, generic drugs, ACOs in its sights.
    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released its 2015 Work Plan Mid-Year Update for fiscal year (FY) 2015. If you haven’t at least given it a look, you should probably do so to be sure you aren’t missing out on some   Read more..
    Posted on 17 Sep, 2015
    OIG’s Revamped Work Plan Sums Up 2015 Focus

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