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    In 2003, Medicare established their Fee for Service (FFS) Recovery Audit Program as part of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act. Recovery Auditors held a three-year-long demonstration project across six states, between 2005 and 2008, to determine the potential for identifying improper reimbursement   Read more..
    Posted on 21 Jun, 2018
    What You Need to Know About Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs)
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    Medicare pays telehealth services under the Medicare fee-for-service program, with a larger payment made to the consulting physician or practitioner (at the distant site) than the payment made to the facility at the site where the patient is located. According to a MedPAC report, from 2014-2016   Read more..
    Posted on 5 Jun, 2018
    Ace Medicare Telehealth Reimbursement Basics—Part I
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    Like all CPT® codes, E/M codes are universal and used by Medicare, Medicaid, and most other payers for processing claims for a physician’s professional services. You should also use E/M service codes for billing facility services on an outpatient basis. Because evaluation and management services are   Read more..
    Posted on 17 May, 2018
    How to Nail Down Levels of E/M Services & Secure Optimal Reimbursement
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    Providers should not let the EMR code for them. If it does, the providers need to override the system and only use it as a guide. The EMR is not equipped to understand nuances of medical-decision making that only a provider could determine. Say yes   Read more..
    Posted on 19 Apr, 2018
    10 Tips for Keeping Compliance Issues at Bay
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    Providers Conquering Distance and Time Jonathan Linkous, chief executive officer of the American Telemedicine Association, makes a point: “Patients already schedule appointments online, review their lab tests, email their doctors.” It’s the digital age, after all. We seemingly enter this world with a smart phone in hand   Read more..
    Posted on 5 Mar, 2018
    The U.S. Healthcare Crisis: Telemedicine to the Rescue — Part III
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    Take Inspiration from Flagship Programs & Innovative Telemedicine Applications The use of technology to deliver healthcare or health information from a distance, otherwise known as telemedicine or telehealth, offers myriad benefits to the patient population, chiefly by increasing vital contact between patients and healthcare providers. In   Read more..
    Posted on 1 Mar, 2018
    The U.S. Healthcare Crisis: Telemedicine to the Rescue — Part II
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    Is telehealth and telemedicine viewed by your providers as nonessential? Do you think of it as a bonus or “add on” service, maybe even an extravagance? You might want to reconsider. Telemedicine saves lives. For far too many folks, telemedicine is their only hope. Some of you   Read more..
    Posted on 27 Feb, 2018
    The U.S. Healthcare Crisis: Telemedicine to the Rescue — Part I
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    As telehealth services continue to evolve, look for guidance to come from your MAC Virtual care isn’t an outlier technology anymore. In fact, connecting with patients via telehealth technology has never been so easy or so secure. So, with MACRA pushing quality, patient-focused care to   Read more..
    Posted on 16 Feb, 2018
    New Telemedicine Options from CMS
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    “It seems as if, even for well-intentioned healthcare providers, the Stark Law has become a booby trap rigged with strict liability and potentially ruinous exposure — especially when coupled with the False Claims Act,” ---said 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Albert Diaz who upheld   Read more..
    Posted on 29 Jan, 2018
    When the Stark Stakes Get Higher
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    CDI is gaining more importance, and improvement programs have increased across providers over the last 10 years. In fact, CDI has made some positive changes in reimbursement because payers’ increased scrutiny has resulted in value-added changes to patient care. Best bet: CDI is a quality initiative   Read more..
    Posted on 27 Jan, 2018
    Learn the Ins and Outs of CDI Best Practices

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