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    Don’t let top claim errors for your specialty sink your bottom line this year. With so many coding rules and compliance regulations to follow, it’s easy to lose sight of correct coding and billing from time to time. That appears to have been the case in   Read more..
    Posted on 6 Mar, 2019
    Dig into the 2018 CERT Report for Valuable Lessons to Improve Your 2019 Reporting
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    The Office of Inspector General (OIG) was formed in 1976 by President Gerald Ford through the Inspector General Act. Since then, the OIG has been key in fighting waste, abuse, and fraud in Medicare, Medicaid, and other Health and Human Services programs and is the   Read more..
    Posted on 11 Sep, 2018
    Nail Down the Office of Inspector General’s (OIGs) Role
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    Medicare determined that a practice had been billing X-rays globally for years, when it should have only billed X-rays with a modifier 26 for the professional interpretation of the service, as the practice didn’t own the X-ray equipment. The fallout of this oversight included an   Read more..
    Posted on 23 Aug, 2018
    How to Chart Out the Medical Audit Process
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    If you decide to participate in Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), you will earn a performance-based payment adjustment to your Medicare payment. You earn the payment adjustment based on evidence-based and practice-specific quality data. You show you provided high quality, efficient care supported by technology by   Read more..
    Posted on 21 Aug, 2018
    Avoid Revenue Shortfalls with MIPS Know-how
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    Whether you’re provider, medical coder, practice, practice manager, or auditor, you need to be knowledgeable of federal regulations that relate to fraud, abuse, and compliance. Stay in the know: The five most important Federal fraud and abuse laws that apply to physicians are the False Claims   Read more..
    Posted on 24 Jul, 2018
    Learn the Ins and Outs of Healthcare Fraud, Abuse, and Compliance
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    The Office of Inspector General (OIG) plays an important role in negotiating, developing, and enforcing corporate integrity agreements (CIAs). As a condition of settlement in a variety of civil and false claim cases, OIG will require an organization to incorporate a CIA in exchange for   Read more..
    Posted on 17 Jul, 2018
    Understanding the Ins and Outs of Corporate Integrity Agreements
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    What is a compliance plan? A compliance plan is a collection of steps that a provider, organization, or practice establishes to ensure adherence to federal and state regulations. OIG developed voluntary compliance program guidance in an effort to help organizations with their compliance programs. Resources   Read more..
    Posted on 13 Jul, 2018
    How to Write an Effective and Powerful Compliance Plan
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    Medicine codes for both therapeutic and diagnostic services include injections, physical medicine, and rehabilitation services. These are some of the most difficult services to audit and, as a result, some of the most frequently audited in the medicine section of CPT®. Injections and infusions Injections and   Read more..
    Posted on 10 Jul, 2018
    How to Overcome Challenges in Medicine Auditing
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    Doctors deal with interruptions every day. They need to call a patient back. The coding department asks them for clarification on a patient charge. Clinicians and staff come in to talk to them. Although the intention is there, the physician may not document the information   Read more..
    Posted on 3 Jul, 2018
    Connect the Documentation Dots to Revenue Outcomes
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    Coding is integral to claim submission. To prepare and submit a claim for reimbursement, you need documentation of all services and procedures performed and the reason, providing a diagnosis for each to demonstrate medical necessity. Medical practices use a superbill, also called an encounter form,   Read more..
    Posted on 27 Jun, 2018
    Staking Your Claim

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