• The best traditional marketing for your healthcare practice is virtually free. Referrals, nonetheless, are invaluable. Referrals help to attract new patients, boost your bottom line, increase brand awareness, and allow your practice to grow and thrive. So when you create a network of happy patients by   Read more..
    Posted on 22 Aug, 2017
    Create an In-Person Referral Network to Boost Your Business
  • When faced with an angry patient, remember the 5/20 rule.
    Patients who visit healthcare organizations often bring along family members or friends and are usually experiencing a degree of emotional and physical stress. This stress can sometimes affect their reactions to a situation. When service failures and complaints occur, you need to have tools in   Read more..
    Posted on 17 Aug, 2017
    Angry Patients, Service Foibles, and the 5/20 Rule
  • Practices with 15 or fewer clinicians and practices in rural and health professional shortage areas are a crucial part of the healthcare system.
    The Quality Payment Program provides options designed to make it easier for you to report on your performance and qualify for incentives. Physicians in small practices who report their performance can do just as well as mid-sized or larger practices. CMS expects the number and percentage   Read more..
    Posted on 15 Jun, 2017
    MIPS Preparedness for Small Medical Practices
  • Your payment might depend on the quality of your EHR.
    Despite the almost nonstop cyber chatter devoted to MACRA, many providers are unaware of the changes with the shift to quality-based, patient-centered care. With a big portion of your MIPS score under the new QPP compiled from your adoption of new technical standards under ACI,   Read more..
    Posted on 24 May, 2017
    Be MACRA Ready: Navigate the Certified Health IT Product List
  • Medicare, private payers might differ on coding shorter 1-day observations.
    When it comes to coding observations, you need to know your code descriptors in order to ensure that you report your physician’s services correctly. Put simply, there are different code sets based on the amount of time the patient spends in observation. Check out this quick   Read more..
    Posted on 1 Jan, 2016
    Let Length of Stay Dictate Observation Coding Choices
  • You cannot bill ‘extra help’ under lt rules.
    One of your full-time physicians goes on vacation – or sabbatical or maternity leave. Your practice employs a locum tenens (lt) to fill in for the missing physician. No problem, until you try to bill for the substitute physician’s services with Medicare – or payers who   Read more..
    Posted on 16 Dec, 2015
    Put Locum Tenens Physicians On 60-Day Clock
  • Remember, this exam is a one-time benefit for patients.
    Reporting your patients’ “Welcome to Medicare” initial preventive physical examinations (IPPE) seems straightforward enough. There are a couple of coding concerns you should keep in mind when reporting these services, however. Do this: Make sure your “Welcome …” claims are embraced every time you file them   Read more..
    Posted on 18 Sep, 2015
    Check Date Before Taking On ‘Welcome to Medicare’ Claims

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