• What are Your Hedgehog Concepts? Good to Great, written by Jim Collins in 2001, is the product of five years of detailed scientific research. Collins and his team wanted to answer one question: How do good companies become great companies? To answer that question, they   Read more..
    Posted on 13 Oct, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    Take Your Practice from Good to Great
  • MACRA, as you’re probably aware, is essentially a Quality Payment Program (QPP)—one that has streamlined the numerous quality improvement programs most coders have been involved with over the years. Among its objectives, MACRA is designed to reward healthcare providers for giving better quality of care   Read more..
    Posted on 12 Oct, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    MACRA 101
  • Practices of all sizes need to pay attention to compliance. Don’t fall prey to the myth that only larger practices are on the regulators’ ‘radar.’ “To tell you the truth, most of the practices I’ve been working with and I’ve been helping are small   Read more..
    Posted on 5 Oct, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    Nail Down 6 Compliance Must-Knows
  • October 2-6 is Customer Service Week—perhaps the best time to ask yourself how your practice is perceived. Would your patients describe you as respectful, sincere, concerned, compassionate? Do they consider your staff helpful, informative, and attentive? If not, you practice is heading for trouble. You and your   Read more..
    Posted on 27 Sep, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    Master Excellence in Patient Relations
  • No matter how carefully you hire, you’ll probably end up with some difficult personalities in your practice. During her presentation at AAO2015, Andrea V. Gray, MD pointed out The Seven Deadly Employee Behaviors, along with ways to make them work for you: The Downer: This is   Read more..
    Posted on 25 Sep, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    Spot & Correct These 7 Deadly Employee Behaviors
  • If your EHR, practice management software, and cloud vendors aren’t vigilant about data security, you could find yourself drowning in a sea of HIPAA security woes. Protect yourself. Ask your vendors the following questions, adapted from the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. Vendor Agreements Are you   Read more..
    Posted on 22 Sep, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    25 Questions to Ask Your EHR, PM, and Cloud Vendor
  • The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) created new ways for the Medicare program at CMS to pay physicians for the care they provide to Medicare beneficiaries. MACRA also creates incentives for physicians to participate in Alternative Payment Models (APMs), including the   Read more..
    Posted on 18 Sep, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    MACRA & the Role of Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC)
  • Payers get the upper hand because they are huge companies that can funnel resources into figuring out how not to reimburse you. Their most recent shell game is prior authorization. “When I started out [prior authorization] never came up,” says Kevin de Regnier, an osteopath who   Read more..
    Posted on 15 Sep, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    3 Ways to Outsmart Prior Authorization Ploys
  • The demand for physicians available for hospital call coverage is rising, but such arrangements must be structured carefully to avoid running afoul of the Stark Law and AKS. Since every arrangement is different and unique to the circumstances of specialty, geography, demand, and other various concerns,   Read more..
    Posted on 11 Sep, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    Compliant On-Call Coverage Arrangements
  • Documentation helps to inform and support providers by supplying information to highlight trends, providing insight into disease processes, and uniting physician teams and payers through the flow of data. Clinical records provide uniformity and continuity across visits, hospitals, physicians, and payer providers. Bottom Line: Documentation is the   Read more..
    Posted on 8 Sep, 2017
    By Elizabeth
    Clinical Documentation: Why is it so Important?