Chris Boucher
Chris Boucher has nearly 10 years of experience writing various newsletters and other products for The Coding Institute. His blog will cover several areas of coding and compliance, including CPT® coding, modifiers, HIPAA compliance and ICD-10 coding.

  • Here’s the key to coding prolonged services by nonphysicians.
    When CPT® 2016 takes effect on Jan. 1, coders will have a new arrow in their E/M coding quiver. The latest iteration of the coding manual will include two new E/M codes that could be beneficial to your practice, especially when nonphysicians provide portions of an   Read more..
    Posted on 3 Nov, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    Learn New Prolonged Services Codes to Master ‘Team’ Coding
  • Keep an eye on Medicare, other payers for reimbursement news.
    If your cardiology practice has been hoping for a better chance at payment for a couple of currently “experimental” procedures, CPT® has good news. The skinny: The 2016 CPT® manual deletes 0262T (Implantation of catheter-delivered prosthetic pulmonary valve, endovascular approach) and 0311T (Non-invasive calculation and analysis   Read more..
    Posted on 30 Oct, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    Use These Cardiology Category I Codes in Place of ‘T’ Codes in 2016
  • Also, a pair of sinus implant procedures get category III codes.
    Otolaryngology practices won’t want to sniff and turn up their noses at the changes that CPT® 2016 will bring. Why? There are several changes that will affect your coding starting January 1. The bright side, however, is that these changes seem to favor the provider when   Read more..
    Posted on 29 Oct, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    Check CPT® 2016 for Vestibular Test Coding Changes
  • Earn up to 18 CEUs, soak up the Orlando sun.
    If you’re looking for a way to get those CEUs you need to maintain your CPC certification — or you just want to bulwark your coding knowledge — you should consider The Coding Institute’s CodingCon 2015. The conference, from December 2-4, will feature some of the   Read more..
    Posted on 28 Oct, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    Head to CodingCon Orlando, Avoid Getting Frozen Out of Vital Coding Info
  • CPT gives lavage/irrigation its own code.
    Coding for cerumen (earwax) removal is going to get a whole lot easier in 2016. Reason: CPT® is introducing 69209 (Removal impacted cerumen using irrigation/lavage, unilateral). This code will allow you to code for encounters when your provider removes impacted cerumen using irrigation or lavage. Previous   Read more..
    Posted on 27 Oct, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    Use 69209 for Less Invasive Cerumen Removal
  • If physician provides operative care only, you’ll need modifier to clarify claim.
    When your physician provides fracture care for a patient, but does not follow up with any postoperative care, coders need to be ready to append modifier 54 (Surgical care only) to the fracture care code in order to code the encounter correctly. Consequences: If your physician   Read more..
    Posted on 27 Sep, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    Rely On Modifier 54 When You’re Breaking Up Fracture Care
  • CMS: Improper E/M coding on the uptick.
    Practices that bill Medicare incorrectly create newsworthy events. If you don’t want to see your practice on the front page for the wrong reasons, you’ll need to check your E/M coding conventions to be sure you aren’t miscoding E/M services. The lowdown: The 2014 Medicare Fee-for-Service   Read more..
    Posted on 26 Sep, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    Evaluate Your E/M Coding, Because Medicare Is On Alert
  • Here’s why the first year with new codes might not be so bad.
    Well, the ICD-10 implementation date appears like it’s going to stick this time. According to the latest update from CMS, there won’t be any more delays; ICD-10 will be the new diagnosis coding system beginning Oct. 1, 2015. Silver lining: While many medical practices probably would’ve welcomed   Read more..
    Posted on 25 Sep, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    ICD-10 Starting Oct. 1, But CMS Doesn’t Expect Perfection
  • Check with EHR vendors for possible training programs.
    There has been an abundance of guidance on how Medicare wants providers to prepare for ICD-10, which is set to be the accepted diagnosis coding system on Oct. 1. Most medical offices have been crafting their ICD-10 training on Medicare’s advice. Don’t forget: Private insurers are   Read more..
    Posted on 24 Sep, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    Aetna Adds Software Recommendations To ICD-10 Prep List
  • Knowledge of medical terms is even more vital with new Dx coding system.
    Everybody’s getting ready for the switch to ICD-10, and knowledge is power for practices making the transition. Check it out: The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and Elsevier Revenue Cycle eLearning have posted FAQs on the most pressing ICD-10 topics. Take these points to heart   Read more..
    Posted on 23 Sep, 2015
    By Chris Boucher
    Study Up on Roots, Syndromes for ICD-10 Startup Success