Overcome These 6 Factors that Threaten to Erode Your ASC Profits
By Elizabeth Fri. Dec 8, 2017
If you own all or part of an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), you’ve invested a lot of money, energy, and time into what is, essentially, a small business. So how do you ensure your ASC



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    Get more specific with new versions of these standard E/M codes.
    When the 2016 CPT® coding books come out, you’ll have a revised set of E/M codes that should make coding for prolonged services that include psychotherapy a lot easier. “It’s good to see that CPT® is including psychotherapy in the prolonged services code set,” says Suzan (Berman)   Read more..
    Posted on 6 Nov, 2015
    Use Updated Prolonged Services E/Ms to Capture Psychotherapy
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    Using 87804 x 2 might result in denial.
    If you’re performing a test that detects the flu via immunoassay in the office, your provider might test for two strains of the virus. Impact: When you file these claims properly, you’ll be paid for two flu tests rather than one. Read on for a bit   Read more..
    Posted on 12 Nov, 2015
    Get Modifiers Right for Flu Multiple Flu Tests
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    You might need multiple modifiers to make fluoroscopy/injection claim fly.
    Coding for arthroscopic injections can become a maze of confusion quickly if you don’t sort out the details before you start; you have to check for codeable procedures that the physician might perform for each injection. If you want to squeeze every ounce of reimbursement out   Read more..
    Posted on 21 Dec, 2015
    Let This Example Guide Your Arthroscopic Injection Coding

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